Disappeared In Time

I scrub my face. Harsh cloth against a cheek, a forehead, a chin.

For the first time I blush. The red from the cloth scratched onto my cheeks.

I stare. Dark eyes facing myself in the mirror. Lips turn downward.

Lines stretching from eyelids.

“You can’t change your face. You can’t be changed.”

Shaking head. Shaking heart.

When did I become old?


When did I become gray?

-A minute ago-

When does time turn backwards?


Cane pounds the beat of a heavy heart.

The hallway filled years and years.

It enveloped me and took me away.

Disappeared in time.


I originally posted this on my Xanga site, but since it seems to be dying I decided to move it here. Since I had already been using this site and starting to like I made the full move. I didn’t want to write my personal stuff here, but I will and either way it is the best place for the nicest format.


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