I will be out of town for the week and I’d love to do a photo/writing journal of it all during the whole thing, but I don’t know if I will be able to get online… since it might cost. If not, I will have it all hand written and I will transfer it to here during the next week after the trip. San Diego everyone. I wish it would be cooler, but from what I have heard it is just about the same temp as it is here: HOT.


See ya’ll on the other side.


Life Ain’t Sweet IN Grown-Up World

It is like the world and universe and stars/moon/sun…well, whatever…is against me. I have been trying my darnedest to save money and then something happens and I have to use that hoard for something. And I know this time it was VERY important, but I have hit a low that I haven’t seen in a long time. I have a goal, for god’s sake! At least let me finish it before you finish ME off. Now I have to rebalance everything and cross my fingers that I can still make my goal by the middle of next year. OH PLEASE BE MERCIFUL!

Why is it that I find myself writing in the wee hours of the morn. Well it ain’t morn yet, darling. Ha. But it feels like I have been up all night. I think my brain only gets ambition when it is dark and I want sleep. Did I tell you it hates me? It must been all that schoolin’.

I keep picturing myself watching a sunset in the country, while sitting on a rocking chair with a golden retriever, my Tabby baby on the seat next to me and a book in my lap.  DOOD the peace will come some day! (Nah, that is just a great imagination. Thank you Anne[of Green Gables] for that small thing:).


Mercy, please. I beg of you, Mercy.

It was a thief in the night.

Slowly stealing little parts of you,

Bit by bit.

You cry and cry.

For there is nothing you can do

To get those parts back.

Give them back. Mercy. Mercy.

Months go by and you are slowly


Months slip away and you are slowly

chopped to bits.


Slowly gone, slowly nothing.