I am Back?

I have been gone since Oct. I used to love writing whatever and just, I don’t know, sharing. Lately I have lacked all desire for anything…including reading(which is residing YAY). I am hoping to start up sharing photos again also. We shall see because I lost my cord(don’t ask how) and I had to reorder a new one. So ’til then I have no way of getting my photos edited. :/

I have been looking like crazy for jobs but they want experience! HOW ELSE ARE YOU TO GET EXPERIENCE!? 😡

My dad quit/sort-of retired. His asshole of a boss was pushing him out for months now and treating him like crap and today he had the audacity to say my dad didn’t do a good job, which of course he does. He is the best janitor you’d want at your business, but L is a selfish and jealous guy because he doesn’t know his own job and dad knows it better. So when L said that, it was the last straw for dad and he quit. Don’t blame him. He is tired and he was losing all energy to work there. He deserves a rest but now things are pretty tight. We always find a way though.

So that is basically all the things to catch up on me and my boring, pathetic life. I am probably going up to Yosemite this Saturday. It got a whole bunchies of snow and this will probably be the last chance I can afford to go up there.

Maybe photos if my cord comes soon.


Author: Amber

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