The YA Syndrome

So have you noticed how the Young Adult Genre/Section feels all the same? When I was a teen, yes, I’d read YA. But for the most part I read adult fiction. Romance, sci-fi, and all other types. I eventually went pure adult, never reading YA. Then one day I went back and now I realized that subconsciously I knew that YA was just not my thing. I still read them, but I am sticking more and more to my adult section.

What I have to say about YA does not mean that YA does not have great books. Some of my favorites come from YA: Anne of Green Gables( and you all know this series is my dearest books ever), Eleanor & Park, The Book Thief. I am not saying that those who love YA has something wrong with them. I am not saying this to offend anyone. I am just saying this is why I won’t ever buy any more YA; unless I borrow one and love it enough that I would be willing to spend money on it. This has been a recent decision. I was reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and I realized that this book was pretty similar to every other book that is in the paranormal genre in YA. You have the predictable romance, the mysterious guy that is made to be almost stalker-ish, and the drama that seems to always get put on the back burner to the romance. Or you have dystopian and the worlds may seem different, but there are a lot of similarities. It always has to have a romance, always has to have mysterious guy, and the drama may be actually there but it doesn’t seem as important in the books as it should be. And this kind of thing seems to be the way it is for YA in all genres there is.

I am wondering if the author’s are looking at previous works and going: “Oh, look! This story is getting a lot of attention and people like it. I must do this too!” and they do. Maybe they tweak and make it seem different but all of the factors that I mentioned are there. The story can be completely different but completely the same. It is frustrating that authors just can’t be unique. They have to follow the formula. They seem afraid to try something new and different and just stop being followers. JUST WRITE WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS!!!! That is what I’d love to say to them.

This is why I feel I can’t buy anymore YA. I love my adult. I feel you have space to go to all different places and there aren’t all the same. I don’t feel this formulaic thing going on there. There is good and bad in adult, yes, but for the most part I love it because there is so many different and unique things in it. I just can’t find many unique and different books in YA anymore.


So I am sorry to those who love YA, but this was something I had to get off my chest. And I will repeat there is books that I like from YA, but there is just too many things that I have come to dislike about it that, although I will keep reading them, I won’t ever buy.

DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL THE SAME or DO YOU COMPLETELY DISAGREE? Or maybe you are somewhere in the middle? (Please don’t hate. :()


Author: Amber

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2 thoughts on “The YA Syndrome”

  1. Also, many of these new YA books that are written as series are actually being “factory” produced by publishing houses. Sometimes that author is really a pen name for various writers hired to ghost write.

    1. I did know that a lot of authors feel that they need to juice out all the buys so they write the series. It sure seems that way or it is the publishers that are telling them to do it. *shrug* It is a shame that it is “factory” :/

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