Pre-Christmas Fun

“It’s looking a lot like Christmas”

*Well, we got Rocky for the night this morning. What did he do first? He went and peed on the presents. *facepalm*

*I have finished all my Christmas shopping. Did you? Who was the hardest for you? Me, it was my mom. Oi.

Well, tomorrow my dad and I are heading to Yosemite. I  feel that is the one thing we really connect on because we both love it and we both love it during this time of year. If you have been there during this time of year you know it is really quiet. Mainly because there aren’t a big crowd. Plus the snow kind of makes any noises seem hushed. I just love it. So we’ll be bringing some sandwiches and bundling up for SNOW!! 😀 I will have pictures hopefully by the end of the week. *crosses fingers*


Are you doing anything special before Christmas?


Dismal Week

I slipped into the dismal tunnel of despair.

I slammed into the sticky walls of destruction.

Is there light? I don’t know.


For I blinded myself with the acid of hatred.

(just pondering on things of the past and wondering where my future is going…if anywhere)

I am Back?

I have been gone since Oct. I used to love writing whatever and just, I don’t know, sharing. Lately I have lacked all desire for anything…including reading(which is residing YAY). I am hoping to start up sharing photos again also. We shall see because I lost my cord(don’t ask how) and I had to reorder a new one. So ’til then I have no way of getting my photos edited. :/

I have been looking like crazy for jobs but they want experience! HOW ELSE ARE YOU TO GET EXPERIENCE!? 😡

My dad quit/sort-of retired. His asshole of a boss was pushing him out for months now and treating him like crap and today he had the audacity to say my dad didn’t do a good job, which of course he does. He is the best janitor you’d want at your business, but L is a selfish and jealous guy because he doesn’t know his own job and dad knows it better. So when L said that, it was the last straw for dad and he quit. Don’t blame him. He is tired and he was losing all energy to work there. He deserves a rest but now things are pretty tight. We always find a way though.

So that is basically all the things to catch up on me and my boring, pathetic life. I am probably going up to Yosemite this Saturday. It got a whole bunchies of snow and this will probably be the last chance I can afford to go up there.

Maybe photos if my cord comes soon.