Film Reviews #1

I watched three films.

Captain Philips was great and Tom Hanks was so amazing and the tears…the tears. The tension that was slowly built up without the need of music and how the love you felt for the film was unexpected. 5 stars

The Butler was a good film. Oprah Winfrey was good but Forest Whitaker took the prize. I felt that they made expectations too high with all these big names and such. They tell you all these great people are in there so, of course, it must be great. But nope. It didn’t have the impact I was looking and hoping for. I did like the story itself and with a new and different perspective of the times and changes that this man had to go through with his family. 4 stars

Lone Ranger was hilarious. One name: Johnny Depp. Enough said. But truly the story was great and it was a fun(ny) watch. It was a little predictable but of course, how can you not laugh with Johnny Depp at the helm? 5 stars.

This is just an overview. If you want more in depth of my opinions watch the video. Thank you guys for visiting! 🙂


Author: Amber

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2 thoughts on “Film Reviews #1”

    1. I think I really only loved the film because of Johnny Depp. I could have done without Armie Hammer and all and just watched Depp and would have loved it. lol. Definitely check out Captain Philips; out of those two it was the better done film.

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