It’s a lovable hateful world

It was a rainy day.

I was rejoicing and felt renewed in my soul.

The rain not only washed the land, but it washed through me also.

But it stopped and I felt like the rain went away with something of me.

Where did my joy go?

It is sleep deprivation that makes me resent the rains leaving.

I longed so much for it, that now when it leaves I hate it for going.

I long to pile books and books on top of books and hide under them. Worlds and lives and stories weighing me down.

I am a tiny fish in a world full of whales.




Can you see me?


Author: Amber

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2 thoughts on “It’s a lovable hateful world”

    1. I miss writing too.
      I have been very worried about there not being no rain. It was definitely refreshing and hopefully it hasn’t completely deserted this humdrum and desolate place, haha.

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