Dark and Light

Hidden behind a grotesque smile,

A mask of dark and bright,

She fills her being with the tears that don’t come.

Hidden behind a love,

Pretending she is ready to move to the future,

She fills her soul with fear that can’t scream out.

She will drown. She knows it.

Drown in all the unspoken and the unrevealed.

She is drowning in a lie.


So, on a lighter note, here is a picture of my Tabby



Author: Amber

Hey everyone! I am a reviewer of books and films. If you'd like to see the sites I have made in order to give you those reviews, please click the square boxes below and check it out! If you have a book/film you'd like me to review or if you are an author and you'd like me to read your book please email me at imasilentheart@gmail.com.

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