Spring Lullaby


Lying on the grass, I stare upward. The leaves wave down at me, letting the sun caress my cheeks. I felt my eyes tug downward, sleep pulling at me. The warm, spring day sang me a lullaby. Dreams of tomorrow filling my mind and warmth spread through my soul.

Sometimes, you can get away from your constant anxiety even if it is just for an hour or two. I wish I could. Those days have been missing.


Author: Amber

Hey everyone! I am a reviewer of books and films. If you'd like to see the sites I have made in order to give you those reviews, please click the square boxes below and check it out! If you have a book/film you'd like me to review or if you are an author and you'd like me to read your book please email me at imasilentheart@gmail.com.

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