random thoughts

Macbeth lost his mind.

murder chills the soul.

I am re-reading Macbeth and first taste of murder has made it a little easier for him to kill now a friend. But his wife is the one that has it all going this way. She brought it to this point. Yet, Macbeth made a choice and he loses his mind because of it. He never really wanted to do it nor had he the desire to become king as she had to become queen. Who is the worse of the two?


thoughts in my head. hmm.


just also finished reading the Harry Potter series. Although the ending was a bit anti-climatic, it was an amazing ending(the whole book) to a series and the epilogue was cheesy and predictable but I was glad he got to have a normal life.


Author: Amber

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3 thoughts on “random thoughts”

  1. women tend to make men do things they would not really do. why? because men feel they must please their women, or they will leave them. women want security. men, mostly companionship. or that is what the experts say.

    1. she didn’t exactly make him though did she? We all have a choice. yeah she kept at him about it, but in the end he was the one that chose to kill and then keep doing it. I finished and the funny thing is she’s the one that goes crazy and kills herself. He goes a bit mad seeing Banquo and then decides he isn’t going to stop being king until he is murdered. A thought. Yeah woman may want security but they want companionship too. Just as men want both. We can pretend that genders are so separate and that we are soo different we couldn’t possibly feel or act the same. Or that because someone convinces us to do something it means we aren’t to blame for our own actions. But in the end everything is everything and you won’t be able to hide from your consequences as both found out. 🙂

      1. yes we all have choices and i agree both men and women in a general sense, want the same things. i think people feel they will loose something if they dont submit to their lovers wishes or that they wont be loved/liked if they dont do as they wish. to do as they want will assure they will be loved, or at least that is what they think. and she didnt go crazy as i feel she was already that way, it just became her normal..

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