jumping down people’s throats

Sure you may not agree with there being global warming(how could disagree, I can’t quite understand but it is their opinions), but to call them unpatriotic? What the hell? That doesn’t make sense. How does trying to get people to understand how we are damaging our planet, our home being unpatriotic? Oh, but that wasn’t all. He(Sajak)  called them racists! What the fucking hell? How does trying to raise awareness of something very important make someone a racist on top of being unpatriotic?


This, I think, is what a lot of people are saying and feeling. At least a few, maybe. But.


The bigger question, that I think people who are upset with his statement seemed to not have asked, is did we miss something? Is this taken out of context? Does it matter, for would what is not shown change the meaning of  what he said? You tell me. I am confused as how anything he said makes sense. Maybe before jumping down a persons’ throat and making leaping judgments without knowing the whole story behind his statement, we should be rational and talk like mature adults. That isn’t really too much to ask.


2 thoughts on “jumping down people’s throats

  1. people only want to hear what they want to hear and are not interested in the whole picture, just a tiny part that they can nick pick on. call it tunnel vision.
    unpatriotic? racist? strange comments on something that is more science than what those words would lead one to.

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