Horses and Asses

So today we went to Yosemite. It was a big mistake. We thought by going today we’d be avoiding tomorrows rush, but everybody must have thought that.  The family decided to go to Tenaya Lake. Sadly, we didn’t stay long and we ended up driving to the valley. It took over 2 hrs and that isn’t normal, if you know anything about Yosemite. I was very disappointed. We were there all day, but most of it was us driving. But I did get a few pictures. Tenaya lake is about 8000 feet in elevation so I wasn’t too surprised to see this:




I will share more tomorrow. I am tired and want to catch up on Call The Midwife, which I just started yesterday. BBC does know what it is doing.

P.S. The rangers must have been having the worse day of their lives for they acted like asses. Can’t exactly blame them.  The nice thing was seeing them on horses, haha.


2 thoughts on “Horses and Asses

  1. silly you to think a 3 day weekend would find few visitors at yosemite. and it is the start of the summer. but i am still jealous that you got/get to go, even if it was mostly driving.

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