Almonds Make Great Neighbors

Do you ever have that moment where you have to read or you are gonna panic or go loony or something? Yeah, well that is me at this moment. I shouldn’t have packed ALL of them away. :/ Tomorrow is the last day in this place and then Sunday is move day. :0 Time moves way fast, but I am glad. We’ve been there in late afternoon and it is soooooo quiet. You don’t know how much that makes me happy, but at the same time I am worried that my bubble is going to burst when we settle. Does this make me sound like a grandma? LOL.


We’ve tried to move as much as we could to the house, boxes and such, but now the big stuff. Thankfully, my parents’ church family is nice enough to help. Well, I think I will stop yakking. Maybe I will show pictures of the place once we’ve moved in? Is that something you’d like to see? Oh, did I mention there is an almond orchard behind and to the side of us? So cool.


Exhaustion from Moving

We went to finish the shed up at 2:30 PM and didn’t get back until 9:45 PM. The longest day I have had in a while. Thankfully we had BB there to help us. He was so nice to do this and I know that we’d never have been able to do it without his help. Glad Mom thought of it, because both Dad and I thought it would be easier now that we were on the framework. HOME DEPOT are  really hateful people. I mean, we looked at the “reviews” and they all said how easy it was to put up(paid reviewer creeps). But it took over five hours!! And it didn’t all go together perfectly. Like I said, and can’t say it enough, I am so freaking grateful for BB. I would have died trying to put that shed together.

Thank heavens we are done. Just need to do the roof trimming and that will be easy as pie and we will be starting to move some of our stuff Wednesday. We’re chug, chug, chugging along. I am so tired, yet I just woke up. 😦

This is a whiny rant. Deal.

I got cuts on my hands from pieces of metal that I am trying to stick together to create a shed. This moving process has now started to injure me. 😮

Well, we got a week left now and we are almost packed, but not quite enough to be completely relaxed. I am frustrated with the stupid shed that everyone in the reviews said it was sooooooooooooooooo easy to build. Da Faq.

I haven’t been sleeping all that well, because my cat wakes me up at four thirty every morning now, by chewing on my hair and biting my feet. I know he is playing and giving affection, but couldn’t he just wait until at least five thirty? I am so exhausted. I know it really is my own fault, but still. *pouts*


The heat. THE HEAT! I hate cali right now.


So we are moving. It will be smaller and we will have to resituate more carefully, but it will put us in more financial stability. It is more closer to the country, so I am hoping that it also means quiet. I am so tired of this neighborhood we are in because no one knows how to keep their music down. Loud, crazy music at all hours of the nights and, not only that, they are druggies. I can smell it, like the neighbor we once had when we lived in the apartments. I’d cough like crazy because of that.  So it’ll be nice to be out of here. It will be an adjustment though. SIGH. It is going to be so much stress.