So we are moving. It will be smaller and we will have to resituate more carefully, but it will put us in more financial stability. It is more closer to the country, so I am hoping that it also means quiet. I am so tired of this neighborhood we are in because no one knows how to keep their music down. Loud, crazy music at all hours of the nights and, not only that, they are druggies. I can smell it, like the neighbor we once had when we lived in the apartments. I’d cough like crazy because of that.  So it’ll be nice to be out of here. It will be an adjustment though. SIGH. It is going to be so much stress.




Author: Amber

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3 thoughts on “Life”

    1. Thank you, it should. No, basically the same length. it isn’t complete country, but it feels like it, because the houses are more wider spread and the land is more free of the houses. We will be almost near the highway that leads to Yosemite that we take.

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