Almonds Make Great Neighbors

Do you ever have that moment where you have to read or you are gonna panic or go loony or something? Yeah, well that is me at this moment. I shouldn’t have packed ALL of them away. :/ Tomorrow is the last day in this place and then Sunday is move day. :0 Time moves way fast, but I am glad. We’ve been there in late afternoon and it is soooooo quiet. You don’t know how much that makes me happy, but at the same time I am worried that my bubble is going to burst when we settle. Does this make me sound like a grandma? LOL.


We’ve tried to move as much as we could to the house, boxes and such, but now the big stuff. Thankfully, my parents’ church family is nice enough to help. Well, I think I will stop yakking. Maybe I will show pictures of the place once we’ve moved in? Is that something you’d like to see? Oh, did I mention there is an almond orchard behind and to the side of us? So cool.


Author: Amber

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