My Cat in the Sunrise

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DSCN5501 I am actually able to see the sunrise/sunset outside my window now . It is just wonderful! 🙂  DSCN5511 DSCN5512 DSCN5514 DSCN5515



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i was raised up from…

the dead.

I was dead and I came back to life. just because that is so doesn’t mean that life has a sparkly newness to it. doesn’t mean that things look different. it doesn’t mean you actually want to be alive now.

fake it ’til you believe it is people’s mottos. they say if you just keep saying you want to live, you will want to. ha.

fake it fake it fake it.

pretend it all matters.

pretend that life isn’t in stalemate.

Pretend people actually want to hire you.

pretend that you  can get out of your parents home.

pretend that you exist to others.

fake it fake it fake it ’til you believe it.

In actuality I didn’t come back to life…I am just the living dead.

We Do Have Doubts About You

A film that starts with the priest talking about doubt and ends with a nun doubting.

The film, of course, is called Doubt, starring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Philip Seymour Hoffman (with a special appearance of Viola Davis). This is a film of dialogue banter. There isn’t action and it relies on great acting. I loved the music. It wasn’t something I was exactly used to hearing in films and it fit with the atmosphere very well.

It does go without saying that the acting was superb beyond doubt and that the dialogue kept me in the film. If it hadn’t been for that I’d have given up on this film before it really began. It is slow and if you aren’t into films that rely on acting instead of action; relies on smarts rather than special effects, this film is not for you.

I am kind of confused if I should really like this film or not because the ending kind of confused me. Like was she right, what she wrong? Is that the whole point, to make you doubt her and even your own suppositions through the film? The fact that it made me think makes it a 4 1/2 star rating! 

Saving Mr. Banks

I am blind. It is on the left corner–add media–so now I know how to put videos in without going to the dashboard. YIPYIPHOORAY. whatevs.

So anyways, I watched Saving Mr. Banks and I really liked the cinematography. The lighting and the angles were so beautiful. I found it amusing and insightful on the background of how it came to be and the story of the “real” Mary Poppins. What truly kept me into the film was Mrs. Travers childhood story that was spliced throughout. It connected me to her in “present” time and helped me understand her. Not that Disney was all that likable himself, but ya know. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were brilliant, and I didn’t really expect anything less or more from them. I did like the past better than the present so I feel that should take away from my rating, but it doesn’t because I also feel they were completely connected to one another. So it is 5 stars for me.