Simply Friday Night

Apparently I can’t insert a video anymore. Pissing me off WordPress. I am liking the changes BUT NOT THIS ONE! 😡 So click HERE and watch this video. It is worth every second, minute you take for it!


Author: Amber

Hey everyone! I am a reviewer of books and films. If you'd like to see the sites I have made in order to give you those reviews, please click the square boxes below and check it out! If you have a book/film you'd like me to review or if you are an author and you'd like me to read your book please email me at

4 thoughts on “Simply Friday Night”

  1. i have to go to the dashboard to download pics/videos on to my posts as if i click new post, i have to try several times to get things to load.

      1. well my desk top is old and slow (like me, lol) and that may also be the problem but i just now do it from my dashboard and have not had any problems

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