Saving Mr. Banks

I am blind. It is on the left corner–add media–so now I know how to put videos in without going to the dashboard. YIPYIPHOORAY. whatevs.

So anyways, I watched Saving Mr. Banks and I really liked the cinematography. The lighting and the angles were so beautiful. I found it amusing and insightful on the background of how it came to be and the story of the “real” Mary Poppins. What truly kept me into the film was Mrs. Travers childhood story that was spliced throughout. It connected me to her in “present” time and helped me understand her. Not that Disney was all that likable himself, but ya know. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were brilliant, and I didn’t really expect anything less or more from them. I did like the past better than the present so I feel that should take away from my rating, but it doesn’t because I also feel they were completely connected to one another. So it is 5 stars for me.


Author: Amber

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