Some people call it the sixth sense, God’s warning, whatever you may call it, but it isn’t as pleasant as you’d think. Knowing something is about to happen can cause ulcers. I swear that I would have died today if it wasn’t just a panic attack-it felt that bad. The thing is I knew something was going to happen, something not good. When I found out the jerks that work at the central conference office didn’t get my check out to me (again!) I thought it was that. But then that panicky feeling was on me until we took the car out and it died in the middle of the road. You don’t realize how scary it is until you’ve been in that situation. Thankfully, we weren’t on a major road or anything. It is fixed-with a big whopping hole to the bank accounts. And I am pissed, because I feel they should have caught it the last time we took the car in with the same issue(last week); it took it dying for them to figure it out.


I may have the sixth sense, because every time I have┬ámy┬á“panic attack”┬ásomething happens. Not always this big, but I know to tread lightly when I have them.