Random Thoughts

You know this ISIS thing is just scary. To think that Congress is like: “Hey, Obama deal with this situation yourself, we are too busy having a vacation on top of a vacation on top of a vacation” is truly frustrating. You should be voting/debating on how to handle this instead of drinking pina colada’s on the beach[that is possibly an exaggeration, but it is a good point].

Did you hear about the 24 yr old teacher who was having an affair with her 17 yr old student and[being the idiot she is] sent him a nude photo. Of course, he’s a teen so he showed it to all his friends. [Being the idiot she is] she goes to the principal and tells him to investigate him for doing so, without the principal having any knowledge of the affair. WOW.

On a more lighter note: This man in Canada supposedly found a dead mouse in his coffee cup…someone must have slipped him a mickey. 😉

Back to serious: Don’t create panic with the Ebola, but seriously take it more seriously CDC. I mean saying to her that it is okay to go on an airplane when she is possibly symptomatic is so very wrong and irresponsible of the CDC and then to go around and try to pin it on her is just immature.

And really, Ebola Czar? I don’t know if that is what we should be calling him. Hmm.

So I saw on the news this bear cub was wandering the aisles of this grocery shop. I am guessing he was shopping around for the bear necessities before heading off on another day of trekking back to his cave.



I only live in my dreams.

Bad habit I know.

But it always ends in happiness, whereas reality seems to always end in disaster.

I am tired of this. Tired of it all. Let me out!