Peeking Tom Finch




So that started happening. Just today it went to one of our windows(this is our front door) and stared at us. I was so startled that I actually said “Why, hello” all abrupt-like and it flew away. In these its actually the male finch, as there is the red around the head. I found this so hilariously weird. What is this bird saying? Are they trying to scare us away by it’s death stare?

Now onto the weird encounter that I had today. Now, I am not a confrontational type person-you know this if you’ve met me or know anything about me at all-and I wish I almost was today because what this guy said was really inappropriate considering I was a complete stranger!!

I was at the library, inside their lil bookstore when this guy approaches me and asks me if I live in the area. I assumed he was going to ask for a ride somewhere and prepared to say no. I mean, seriously. Who is going to say yes to a stranger, sorry, stranger danger. But instead of going straight to the question, he goes on and on about how this was something hard to describe and then he says:
“Ya know, when I go into the bathroom–(whispers) try to do my numbers I have a hard time going, I can’t go at all. Do ya, know like, what I should do?”

What I wanted to say was: “DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING DOCTOR? SERIOUSLY, DUDE, NOT APPROPRIATE. NOT APPROPRIATE AT ALL. GET AWAY FROM ME.” This was super weird and I started moving to the front where the seller was and mumbled ” Go to the doctor”.

Who da fuck did he think he was to come at me with that?

I can laugh now, but it was so awkward and weird and SO inappropriate. I don’t know what he thought. Seriously, what the hell? Oi.

Now go back and focus on the pwetty, protective male finch. 😀


Birdie Fly Birdie Nest Birdie make baby Finches

DSCN5825 DSCN5826 This spring, I think early February, we noticed two finches starting a nest. One morning nothing, the next a nest! What? At first, I think we were too surprised and then by the time we got over it I, at least, thought they’d give up on it because they are right in front of our FRONT DOOR! Every time we step out they are, of course, scared and fly off.

Today I noticed her sitting in the nest and I realized that she must be in incubation but she is still going to fly off every time. I am worried about the eggs and their survival. Somehow I feel guilty for their silly choice in building their home.

Will the eggs be okay even if she is not on them all the time???