Birdie Fly Birdie Nest Birdie make baby Finches

DSCN5825 DSCN5826 This spring, I think early February, we noticed two finches starting a nest. One morning nothing, the next a nest! What? At first, I think we were too surprised and then by the time we got over it I, at least, thought they’d give up on it because they are right in front of our FRONT DOOR! Every time we step out they are, of course, scared and fly off.

Today I noticed her sitting in the nest and I realized that she must be in incubation but she is still going to fly off every time. I am worried about the eggs and their survival. Somehow I feel guilty for their silly choice in building their home.

Will the eggs be okay even if she is not on them all the time???


Author: Amber

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3 thoughts on “Birdie Fly Birdie Nest Birdie make baby Finches”

  1. will they be ok? only time will tell.
    nest building happens fast. i still have a couple from last year and i am not sure they were reused and they build them in odd places. after they leave, maybe you should fix the light so it cant be used as a nest, again. 🙂

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