My Silence

I’ve been thinking about when I was a kid, and a family friend would take me every summer to campmeeting with her. I was a silent, shy type even then and she never let that bother her. I never felt pressured or anxious for not having anything to say or being to say anything.

I then started to think how as I grew up I noticed that people are uncomfortable to my silence. If someone doesn’t speak it makes people uncomfortable. There is the pressure now to say something and for me that just causes more anxiety for me. Also it just makes me blank out even more.

Anyways, I’ve been having anxiety spells a lot this past week. And insomnia is a killer.


Author: Amber

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One thought on “My Silence”

  1. we have lots of expectations of others and one way to ease those expectations is to let them know what you or how you are. also to ask them what they expect of you and what you expect from them.
    but all that does mean you have to talk to them. 🙂

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