Vehicles In Passing

(My source of artificial light is a fan light, with four of them pointed to four sides of my room. For the past two months, I’ve been surviving on one. I forgot what it was like to have the full power of the light. I also realized that by not having them I was probably weakening my already weak eyes. This is not what I planned to write here, therefore the parentheses.)

Have you ever sat in your vehicle,
Watching the other cars passing you by
And wondered: “Who are you?”

Have you ever drove in the midst of those cars, motorcycles, trucks
Felt the weight of humanity on you.
Felt all of their emotions, lives, plans, dreams, wishes
weigh your mind down.
Have you ever wondered: “What are you?”

Have you wondered at how you can be one person outside of a car,
The person who’d be extremely polite, kind, with not a harsh word for a soul,
But inside it you change–
The person who’d shout obscenities at the vehicle that pulled in your lane so close you could feel its heat? The person who’d tailgate?

Have you wondered?
Maybe it is just me.
Maybe I am the lone, invisible soul, that feels lonely
And feels the weight of those people who have lives, dreams, wishes.
Maybe it is because I lack what the majority of them have.

You are safe in your cocoons of a car,
Whilst I feel the winds of the fast moving air.
Whilst I feel the heat of your car as it sideswipes me.

I am not safe, I am not safe.
But do you ever wonder at it?


Author: Amber

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