FILMS: What I’ve Watched in December(2015)

Hello, my fellow bloggers. Today I will be sharing with you what I have watched(book will be Monday) in the past month of December! This year went way too fast and especially this last month. I watched more than I expected and for the most part I had a good month with what I have watched. So let us begin!

The first film I watched was Paddington! It is about a bear that moves to London in the hope of finding a family.  This film was wonderful! I loved the style and the layered story telling. This film is laugh out loud hilarious. I find it harder and harder these days to find anything that can really make me laugh and so it was a pleasant surprise to find that this film could make me laugh. Not only that but it was 100% clean. There were no innuendos or anything, which I find frustrating to see in films that are being advertised being for kids/family friendly.  Also, I didn’t feel that it was directly targeted just for the younger audience; anyone of any age could watch and enjoy. To say it the simplest way: it was amazing!

The second film is based on the true story of Alan Turing and how he created the machine that broke the enigma machine(or was it code, it has been awhile since I watched it). I knew this was based on a book, and at the time I was not interested in reading it, but now I am definitely planning on picking it up in the near future. This film was superb. I think the best part of it was Benedict Cumberbatch. He just blew me away with his performance. I also thought what made this film even stronger was how they handled the flashbacks and that they did have them. I think it made me feel for him and understand him more. In the end, the story was handled well, the acting especially by Cumberbatch made the film, and overall I enjoyed it.

Then I watched Home. This film was good but it didn’t live up to the trailer, which was much more funnier than the film on the whole. I liked the animation and it is perfect for kids but I do feel that as an adult it was a miss. It was predictable, cheesy, and the alien(which I forget his name) was annoying to bits. Also, I truly don’t believe Rihanna was believable as a 16 year old girl. Rihanna’s voice is distinctive and so it was noticeable to me that it was her. For a kid though they would not notice, which is why I think it is great for them but a bit of a disappointment for me.

I picked up Far From the Madding Crowd and I wished I had waited until I read the book.  I feel that it made it harder for me to understand Bathesada, who was played by Carey Mulligan. I thought it was awesome that it was a single, independent woman trying to make it in a man’s world, but the decisions she made boggled me. I felt frustrated by her, but at the same time I think she was well portrayed by Mulligan. I definitely feel that reading the book will help me understand her more and when I do read it I plan to watch it again. I loved the style and soundtrack, which I feel is what most people really liked. In the end not the greatest in character development or at least in my understanding them, but loved just watching it.

Jenny’s Wedding is about, of course, Jenny who has decided finally to marry her girlfriend but she has yet to tell her family that she is gay. This is a forgettable cheesy romance and, although I don’t particularly care for the film, I appreciated that fact. It felt like a typical cheesy romance flick and I don’t feel like it threw it’s message in your face. But I feel the main reason this film was a disappointment for me is that Alexis Bledl and Katherine Heigl did not have any chemistry. I just did not feel it. Also, I watched this because of Bledl and she just wasn’t really there. I don’t feel like this should have made me as disappointed or effected my rating, but it did. I loved her in Gilmore girls and have wanted her to be able to get into some big things, but this seems like another proof of her not really going any further. It was enjoyable, but not re-watchable.

I absolutely loved this film. It is not perfect but it was just so well presented with great acting by Clive Owen- he is just perfect as a knight. I loved the style and soundtrack was beautiful. This was a film I knew I was going to enjoy since I enjoyed King Arthur and it didn’t disappoint. The story and characters were handled well and the twists were unexpected.  The finish of the film, I feel, is the part where people have the most arguments over. For me, the ending was great. I like open endings, since you can decide for yourself. The main issue I did have was the pacing. I felt, for the kind of film this was, it was a bit on the slow side. But like I have said multiple times, I truly enjoyed this film and I would re-watch it.

Now onto the favorite and least liked film of the month!

First, least liked:

Sorry, but this was one I was looking forward to a lot and just didn’t live up to expectations. Too silly.

My favorite of the month of December 2015:

This film was such a pleasant surprise. I did not expect to like it as much as I did and it was just so well done and it was clean, family friendly fun! So it was a no-brainer choice that it had to be Paddington.

What was your favorite film of the month?


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