I’m Hauling December

Hi, y’all! Today I am sharing with you everything film/book wise that I got for myself and for Christmas. There is one thing I forgot to show here[that I got for Christmas] is my coloring book which I am so excited for! It is Enchanted Forest. I may show it in a separate blog. We shall see. Some other things I didn’t show[that I got for Christmas] was my new mouse, a new pair of gloves(YAY), pair of jeggings, and slippers(my favorite gift).

Let the haul begin!DSCN5975

First I shall share with you the films!


I did a review in my wrap-up for this. Check it out here! This is based on the true story about Alan Turing, who defeated the enigma code/machine, in order to help win WWII.


I have watched this one many times over and I thought it was about time I actually owned it, so when I saw it for cheapy cheap, I grabbed it. Find out more about it here.DSCN5981

Look at young Keanu Reeves! I watched this as a kid and have always wanted it and to watch it again and now I can. Find more about it here.


I have watched Hunger Games and enjoyed it enough to pick both it and the next one up. I am hoping when the time comes, whenever that will be, I will be able to get the last two combined. But I don’t really seeing that happen since they didn’t do that with the HP last two. Find out more about the film here.DSCN5979

I want to collect all the films I have watched with Robin Williams in it and others that I know I will enjoy and this is one of them. It isn’t one of his best, but I did enjoy it. Find out more about the film here.DSCN5980

I will pick up anything with Denzel Washington in and I did enjoy this so had to pick it up. It was also at the right price.  Find out more about the film here.

Now onto the film I got for Christmas:


This film was amazing and heartbreaking. My opinion of Brad Pitt changed with this film. He was Ah-mazing. Find out more about the film here.

Now onto the books.DSCN5983

Here are the ones I got myself.


I hadn’t actually planned to buy this until I had read it, but the wait was forever long and there was only one book available to borrow. In the end, now I can read it on my own timeline and I have pretty high hopes for this one. Find more out about the book here.

DSCN5997This was on sale at B&N and I could not pass it up. I have been on the fence for awhile on this one, but I just couldn’t resist it. Find more out here.DSCN5995I really liked the color and feel of this cover. I keep mixing up this author with another and I thought it was that author’s book. Whoops. Oh well, I am still looking forward to reading this. Find more out here.

DSCN5987I have already read and completely enjoyed it. Highly recommend it to all. It has easily become one of my favorites. Find out more here.

DSCN5984I have been wanting to read Neal Stephenson’s work for over a year, but they are big books, so I decided to pick one up at B&N instead of borrowing. So much excite! Find out more here.

DSCN5985I’ve always wanted to read this one but every time I saw it I would always hesitate, but now was the time and I really like this cover. Find out more here.

DSCN5996I will pick up anything surrounding WWII and this sounds super interesting. Find out more here.

I got a gift card to B&N for Christmas and here are the four that I got.


I started this one from the library, was enjoying it, but returned it before finishing. I had to pick it up because mainly it is set in India. Find out more here.DSCN5998

This one sounded so intriguing and I have wanted to get into more memoirs so when I saw this I jumped at it. Find out more here.DSCN6001

This is being made into a film, that will be coming out this year, and the trailer looked good so when I saw the book I decided to pick it up in the hopes I will read it before watching the film. Find out more here.DSCN5999

This is another that I tried to read from the library but returned before finishing. It was too long for borrowing and since I had the gift card, I decided it was time to finally pick it up and I like this cover. Find out more here.

That is all I got. I don’t think I will have a haul for quite some time.

What did you get for Christmas?


Author: Amber

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