December Is A Wrapped

Hi, fellow bloggers! Today I am sharing with you what I read in the month of December. I didn’t read all that much. All year has been a struggle to read and this month was no different. So let us just jump into the first book. (just click on the book and it will go to where you can find more out about the book)

This is an important story to be told, but most of it was something I have already learned about, so it felt very much like something I have read or seen before. I felt she put too much focus on the prison camp experience and too little on the marriage, which from the title you would think she would be focusing on. I think the prison camp is very important, and I am not belittling her experiences there, I just wanted more from the marriage aspect of the story. In the end, I still gave it a high rating because it takes a lot of courage to open up the way she did.



I really enjoyed Brom’s writing style. It was dark and beautiful. I thought he did amazing in world building and the characters came alive. Nick was definitely my favorite. It makes more excited to pick up the original work of Peter Pan, but there were issues and the main one was the climax. The book seemed to be leading up to a battle scene, but then it happens and the book continues on. It really started to drag from there. Everything he had built up, I felt was ruined by making it longer than it needed to be. In the end, he had everything necessary for a great book but the length was his undoing.


I could not stand White’s writing. It was so boring and dry, it literally put me to sleep. He writes in way too much detail, going into the most mundane things and to the point of just creating page length lists that I had to DNF it. The sad thing is, I think this book would have been great if it hadn’t been for that. There were moments where I could see past the mess, to the humour and the story itself, but it never lasted long enough for me to be able to handle his writing.


I feel that this is a typical story line for Shakespeare and I could have overlooked the feeling of already read this, if we actually got any action out of it. We were either told before a fight happen, that it was going to happen, or in the little notes before the scene starts. How frustrating. This is one of the worse I have read of Shakespeare’s.

That is it for the year of  2015! I will be sharing with you all the bo0ks I read this year with(maybe) some statistics on it. Don’t expect much. Also, an updated tbr pile in the near future, so you have that to look forward to.

What was the best book you read this last month?

You can check out my previous post here, where I share with you what I got in the past month.





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    1. I do try not to stick to just one genre. There is just so many good books out there and sticking with one thing, you never find anything new that could end up being a favorite. 🙂

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