Here are some extra photos of pups we sat for. They had no control, but they were adorable.



Don’t Bark At Me

Today I thought I would share some of my recent photos. Enjoy.DSCN6071The flower above apparently decided to spread itself into that pot, we didn’t put it in there and then also in the cracks of our walk way as shown in the two photos below.

DSCN6073DSCN6074DSCN6075DSCN6076DSCN6077DSCN6079Don’t mind the weeds, we took care of ’em, but this flower “died” last season, I even dug them out. But lo and behold here they are again. Makes me very happy.DSCN6080Know why this is blurry? Because this dog never stops moving, it is a miracle when she does. DSCN6087

This is the look our dog gave Dad when he barked at her. LOL.DSCN6088DSCN6089DSCN6090DSCN6092