Animal Fest

I thought I would share with you some photos of the dogs we dog sat awhile ago.DSCN6151This one, is Bear, a sack of potatoes with energy up the wazoo. DSCN6152Sandy, didn’t care for Bear that much, but loved Buddy. I thought those two would(bear and sandy) get along with each other. They both love to play.DSCN6127DSCN6131DSCN6132

Buddy, the most annoying dog ever, 14 years old and loves to bark all the time.DSCN6133Rocky is sad, with a bad back.DSCN6136

Pheobe, Bear and her loved playing, a little bit too much.DSCN6140

The momma bird from last  year came back again! We tried to block it by taping the light fixture, but the birds kept persisting at attacking it and flying in circles so dad opened it up and now there are babies. They lost their first eggs from jays, and one of them fell when we startled her, but we saved her and they are up there. I was shocked as I thought that they had given up.DSCN6142DSCN6144DSCN6145DSCN6146DSCN6149

There you go.


Author: Amber

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